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Holiday Gift Guide for the New Mom

Hey everyone! I can’t believe Christmas is only a couple weeks away! Hopefully you have your shopping started, (or done!), by now. It’s no secret that I love to shop, but if I’m being honest, the thought of Christmas shopping stresses me out! I never know what to get anyone. That’s why I love reading gift guides and getting inspiration from others on what to buy. This year, I thought it would be fun to round up a few things I know new moms, (or all moms for that matter!), might like to receive. Each item has a specific reason it’s on the “new mom” list. They are things that I have (or want, hint, hint!), because let’s face it…being a mom is hard work and we deserve a little something too! So share this gift guide with your significant other…or next time you’re out shopping pick a little something up for yourself 😉

gift-guide21. Reversible Leggings: Ok if you’re a new mama then this one is pretty self explanatory. To say I live in leggings would be an understatement. And yes, sometimes I will wear the same pair 2 or 3 days in a row (don’t judge!). So why are these Zella leggings so special? Because they’re reversible, that’s why! So you can wear the same pair 3 days in a row and no one would ever know! And that’s why they’re #1 on the list. YOU’RE WELCOME!

2. Jo Malone Candle: So this one is kinda pricey, I know, but the scent is heavenly (Sweet Almond and Macaroon – sigh!) It’s that luxury item you know you won’t buy yourself because there’s always something more practical to buy instead. But really, I justify it by saying, “Who wants their house to smell like a dirty diaper?!” Not me! So buy the candle and burn it all day while you’re home with the babe, and feel fabulous doing it.

3. Faux Leather Moto Jacket: I REALLY love this one! The price point is great, it’s a classic Moto style, (not too many zippers and details), and its faux leather, so if the baby spits up on you or starts chewing on your arm, (am I the only one this happens to?!), you won’t feel so guilty that you spent a fortune on it. Throw it on with your (new!) leggings or sweats and you might actually look like you made an attempt at getting yourself dressed.

4. Under-Eye Brightening Corrector: I’ve done all the homework for you and found the BEST under eye correcter out there! I was born with dark circles, (just look at my kindergarten photos), but now as a new mom they’re even worse! (Hello, exhaustion!) I have tried every product on the market, some are too cakey, others don’t conceal enough, and most just aren’t the right colour. This peach toned corrector by Becca neutralizes even the most stubborn blue/purple under eye circles. Wear it under your foundation/concealer and it completely brightens and lightens the entire area, without settling into those nasty fine lines (did I mention I have those too?!). This instantly became one of my holy grail makeup items…I will never purchase another under eye product again. Period.

5. Resurfacing Mask: This one by Tata Harper is one of my faves! It’s another luxury item, but worth the splurge. I used it consistently prior to my wedding and I swear it made such a difference in my skin.  As a new mom, anything you can do to make yourself feel human (and dare I say – pretty!) again, I say do it! And who has the time for professional facial or peel treatments?! This mask makes dull, tired looking skin look radiant and smooth by exfoliating with all organic ingredients – perfect for those breast feeding mamas.

6. Ugg Boots: No I’m not over them yet…and neither should you! They are still the best go-to, slip on, footwear I own, (besides my flip flops). Yoga, grocery store, walking to the mailbox, you name it, there’s always a place for them…especially now as a new mom! That being said, it’s time to replace mine and the Mini Bailey Button is my current fave. Definitely on my Christmas Wish List.

7. Skinnytaste Cookbook: I have been seeing this cookbook all over social media with fellow blogger moms raving all about it, so I had to add it to the list.  Although I have ZERO time to cook these days, the recipes in this book are all supposed to be quick, simple and tasty…perfect for busy new moms (or dads who wanna help out but aren’t exactly Jamie Oliver in the kitchen 😉 Did I mention the recipes are also low-cal?! WIN-WIN.

8. Monogrammed Mug: Because when you’re drinking that same (cold) cup of coffee all day long, it’s nice to look glam while doing it. Enough said.

9. Smashbox Matte Liquid Lipstick: I have to admit I rarely wear lipstick anymore because I am constantly kissing, (smothering), my little one! But the matte liquid lipsticks always appealed to me because of their lasting power. This Smashbox one called “Bawse” specifically intrigued me. Not only was it created by YouTube superstar, (and Canadian girl), Lilly Singh, (AKA Superwoman), it’s been hailed as the perfect shade for ALL skin tones. (Check out this article here by Cosmopolitan magazine). And of course with a name like Bawse…well come on, every mama should own one!

10. Robe: I can’t be the only new mom that lives in her robe, can I?! Well I do! The secret is out ;).  Sometimes I don’t actually get dressed until 2pm or 3pm, and that’s only if I have somewhere to be. So yes, this should be right at the top of the list with leggings as a new mom must have! I’ll take mine short and with pockets – please 🙂

11. Perfume Oil: Ever since I got pregnant I’ve had a hard time wearing scents and now that baby girl is here, I don’t want to overpower her senses with my perfume. That said, I’ve been only using scented oils, just a couple dabs behind the ears and I’m good to go! (Not that I’m going anywhere, but I definitely don’t wanna leave the house smelling like poop or spit up!). This Byredo Gypsy Water Oil (available at Saks) smells soooo yummy, with just a hint of vanilla – my fave! It’s a little pricey for the size, but oils usually are because they’re more pure…and last longer, you only need a dab or two.

12. Backpack: Thank god the backpack is back in style!  This one by Matt & Nat has been so handy, especially since I rarely wear a purse anymore. I use mine whenever I don’t want to lug around my big bulky diaper bag. Just throw a few diapers and baby essentials inside and you’re off! (It makes a great gym/yoga bag as well) The look of this one is so streamlined and chic, it’s almost as if you’re carrying nothing at all – I said ALMOST! You are a mom, remember?! 😉

Well that’s it! I hope you enjoyed my New Mom Holiday Gift Guide and got some inspiration for the special mom in your life, (including yourself!).